MM 3-22-19

Before we get into the case I want to let you all know we will only be having one MM a month now so that we have the time we need for our new Photo Stories. They will now be on the fourth Friday of every month. Mom's Mysteries (MM)   !!!!WARNING MAY NOT BE... Continue Reading →


BOM 3-19-19

Book of the Month (BOM) The book of the month is a book we have read for the month and want to share with you. We do look up info on the book and post a large summery about it but we only post the books we have read and we recognize the website we... Continue Reading →

ISR 3-15-19

ISR ISR is the blog for In Store Reports of fun doll items and other toys we like and collect. This posts will be mostly pictures and we will tell you what store we found them in. We do want to know if you have seen these items near you so please let us know... Continue Reading →

KT 3-12-19

KayKay's Toys KT Hi friends it is time for KayKay's Toys where you will learn something about one of my toys. I just want to say I am sorry if there are to many My Little Pony (MLP) and LOL Surprise Dolls because I collect them. First I want to tell you a little about... Continue Reading →

ROM 3-8-19

Recipe of the Month (ROM) The recipe of the month is a recipe we recommend for you to try that we have tried making or want to try making. We hope you like what we pick each month and if you have one to recommend please let us know. I love to cook and bake.... Continue Reading →

DOM 3-5-19

  Doll of the Month   (DOM)   The doll of the month is a special doll that we want to let you get to know, because we want to share all our dolls with you. Watch for exciting adventures that have this doll in it. Also in the comments let us know if you... Continue Reading →

WB 3-3-19

Weekly Blog (WB) The blog post of the week that tells what's new in the doll world and what we have been doing all week. We also announce the winner of FW in our WB. We also will give the WYL for the month if it have been posted the if it is the last... Continue Reading →

AFM 3-1-19

Announcements for the Month (AFM) This is the announcements post of what we are doing each month so everyone knows when we will be posting and any special events. For all the abbreviations go to the Trips & Events Page. We also include abbreviations on the posts. Please remember to look at this blog every... Continue Reading →

PD 2-28-19

Planning Day (PD) This is the Planning Day on this day we will not be posting anything. We want everything to be just right for all of you so we take this day to heart. Thank you and we love you all.

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