Mom’s Mysteries

Mom’s Mysteries

Hi welcome to Mom’s Mysteries a blog post about solved and unsolved crimes like murder, kidnapping, disappearances and other weird stuff. When I do this post they will be up 2 to 4 times a month and all you have to do is look on our post AFM to see when it will be posted. A small disclaimer I will not be giving my thoughts on the case just the facts also some of the information in these posts may not be suitable for CHILDREN so please be advised. The contents may contain photos and descriptions of crimes scenes, dead bodies, blood and language describing the crime such as rape, assault, stabbing, shooting, other violent crimes and weird things.

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way lets go on to what this is about. LOL. I am an avid crime investigation lover and I love to research them. So I decided to add it to our blog and it also changes things up a little. I will have links to where I found all my information and if there are movies and documentaries on the case I will have links for those where I watch them. I hope everyone likes this and if it isn’t something you like just notice when it will be posted and don’t look at the post for that day. I didn’t mean for that to sound rude but this is my blog and I do love everyone that follows us and reads our posts but I can not change the things I am interested in because one person doesn’t like it. When I can get a good video camera and software for editing I will have a YouTube channel for this kind of thing but until then I will put it here.

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Go to the menu at the top, click on Mom’s Mysteries and use the pull down menu also called Mom’s Mysteries. This page will have all the posts just for Mom’s Mysteries. This is also the way Dad’s Stuff, KayKay’s Toys and Bubba’s Games is set up.


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