KayKay’s Toys

KayKay’s Toys

This is a post from KayKay about her toys and how she plays with them and it will be a collaboration with Mom. Mom will be typing and publishing but KayKay will tell me what she wants to say and will take the photos. So if the pictures aren’t the best that is why. LOL. These toys will not only be AG and 18 inch dolls there will be other types of toys. WARNING: There will be a lot of toys.

Hey guys KayKay here. I just want to say I hope you like my toys as much as me. Oh and I don’t just LIKE my toys I LOVE them. LOL 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments and come back every month to see the next toy I am going to show you. Oh and I almost forgot LIKE my posts. PLEASE!

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