WYL 6-16-17

What You Like


What you like is a monthly post we are going to start doing to see what you like best out of different categories of items relating to the doll world. There will be 4 categories with 2 items each in them and you pick the ones you like. Then in the last WB of the month we will have the results.


This week in our first WYL we are going to be using Our Generation (OG) items for our choices. On OG’s website they have tabs and subcategories in those tabs.

First Category is Tab “Meet the Dolls” subcategory of regular dolls.

Arianna OR  Jesse.PNG


Second category is Tab “Accessories” subcategory of Retro Fashion.

Country Fair OR  Tennis Togs


Third category is Tab “Accessories” subcategory of Fun and Adventure.going 1 OR going 2


Last category is Tab “Bookshelf” (there is no subcategory in this Tab).Pajama Party OR Shelby Stables

Let us know what you like by next weeks WB on 6-24-17.