Updates 6-14-21

Hi guys just wanted to hope on here and give you a little update. We haven’t given up on the blog we are just taking a little time away to get some things figured out and to get a few things ready to post for you guys. We are currently working on trying to get a YouTube channel up and running for Mom’s Mysteries. Please bare with us.

Now that we got that part out of the way another thing that we want you to be watching out for is is a post for our camping trips we are going to go on this summer. We don’t have our dates and locations down yet but after we go on a trip we will post our fun pictures.

We will also be changing a few things when it comes to making photo stories because of the limited space we have in our apartment we will be using Barbie Dolls for photo stories which makes things easier for me to set up and to pack to take with me. I will be introducing the Barbies soon they are currently being customized and when that is done i will do photos and intros.

Another thing is that Dad will be writing up a post for when we go camping to give some tips. Bubba will be working on a BG post and he will also be our video editor when we get our YouTube channel up and running.

Some information on what the YouTube channel will look like. The channel will be mainly Mom’s Mysteries but it will also contain a lot of other types of our posts unless we think we need 2 channels to separate things.

Alright guys that is all for now we love you all and stay safe.

Updates 4-3-21

This is a post about any updates to our other posts or our blog.

Hey Guys I’m sorry about not getting all my posts done last month. I got busy organizing and moving stuff around in the house. I had my office area tore up and it is still not ready but I set it up for temporary use. I will do a couple of different WB this month but I am still not going to be doing a lot of posting because I am organizing my house and spring cleaning. I will keep you all updated on things we are doing but not a lot of posting for now.

On another note this month is Autism Awareness and for those who are new here both KayKay and Bubba are on the spectrum. Bubba has Asperger’s and KayKay is Mild to Moderate on the scale. So this month Wear Blue for Autism and support Autism charities like the following:


Autism Speaks has T-shirts at Walmart in the Men’s department right now and the proceeds go to help Autism Research.

Jeremiah School is KayKay’s school. It is a school in our area just for Autistic Kids.

These are just a couple of different charities for Autism you can find several with a google search.

I think that is all the updating I am going to do in this post so I will go for now. We love you all and thanks for supporting us and stay safe.

Updates 2-24-21

This is a post about any updates to our other posts or our blog.

Hi everyone sorry we have been MIA for so long but we had to take a break from the blog during the COVID lock downs due to having to do home school with KayKay on top of Bubba already doing home school. It was just easier on Mom to only do that at that time but now things are getting back to a normality so we can start doing posts again and some things will be a little different and not a lot of posts to begin with. The next post will be our first schedule starting in March. I hope to here from you all soon.


Schedule Change 6-7-20

Sorry for the inconvenience we had something come up that has caused us to change our scheduled post. Below is a summery with the following information: post being changed, why, and the date it has been rescheduled.


We had to change the schedule a little because of Dad’s work schedule so here is the new one.



NT 5-19-20

New Things (NT)


This post is about new things we have gotten. This can be anything new that we think we should share with you all. I hope you enjoy it. Also let us know what you think about the items and if you have these items. The items in this post are not sponsored we bought them our self.


Hi everyone, I hope everybody has been safe. We have gotten a few new things over the past few months and this post is going to show you what we got and they aren’t all doll related.


  • An Excalibur Dehydrator. This dehydrator is considered to be one of the best for home use. Retail price is $267.54 but we didn’t pay that for it. We got it from someone on Facebook Marketplace and only paid $50. Is that an awesome deal or what?

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  • We got a couple of new AG related items. first we got the Ryan doll by My Life As at Walmart. Second, we got a new OG outfit called Meow On The Move. And the last AG related item we got is Willa from the Wellie Wishers.

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  • The Barbie dolls we got. A few of these Barbie dolls we have had I just had not shared the yet. First, I will shared the few we have had for a bit. They are Career Barista Ken, 2 Curvy Fashionista #63 and #75, Made to Move Yoga Barbie, Made to Move Yoga Curvy Barbie, Made to Move Basketball Barbie, and the 2 BMR 1959 Ken Dolls.


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  • We got our first Hunt A Killer Box. Each case you work on is 6 boxes long so we have a long way to go on this case but each box has an objective you have to do Before you do anything you have to read everything. then after that you go through the box and figure out the answer to the objective. After that you build a timeline with what you have you will build on this through out the case. Let me know if you decide to get this subscription box. Hunt A Killer Here is what it looks like and each document is a little part of the case that you are working on.




This is everything that we have gotten recently. Let us know what you think about these items and if you have any of them. We will see you in the next post.

Excited 5-10-20

Hi guys I just wanted to jump on here for a sec and let you know about something I ordered today that I am so excited about I ordered my first Hunt A Kill Subscription Box and I am sharing the link with you so that maybe we could solve these mysteries together plus there is a referral rewards program so here is the link go check it out and let me know if you get this box.

Hunt A Killer

Schedule Change 3-17-20

Sorry for the inconvenience we had something come up that has caused us to change our scheduled post. Below is a summery with the following information: post being changed, why, and the date it has been rescheduled.



Hi guys I thought we would be back to regular posts by now but we aren’t and with everything that is currently going on with the Coronavirus we will not be posting any this month and we will have to see about next month also my moms hand is still broken and I am still helping her out with things so I have been busier then usual. I thank everyone for being patient during this time. I will keep you updated as time go on.


Update 2-14-2020

Sorry we haven’t been posting but things have been a little crazy around here. I wanted to pop in and let you all know that we are going to have to take the rest of this month and maybe some of next month off. My Mother aka Mamaw broke her hand and I have been having to do extra things to help her out so it is taking more off my time I would normally be using for the blog. So again I want to say I’m sorry and thank you all for sticking with us.


Mom toon

KayKay is sick 1-2-20

Full day of posts being updated threw out the day.


4:00 am- KayKay is sick and I think its the flu I am going to take her to the doctor today when they open. They don’t open until 8:30 am. She has a fever of between 99.1 – 100.3, headache, stuffy nose and is achy all over. I will keep you posted on what they say.

5:00 am- Her temp is 100.5. I talked to the nurse service for her doctor’s office at 4:00 am and they said call the doctor when they open and keep an eye on her temp and if it don’t go up to 104.9 she should be ok but if it does take her to the hospital.

So I need to go back and tell you she first had a temp at 7:30 pm last night it was 99.1 and I gave her Advil. It stayed down until 12:00 am which was the time for her medicine again, well at this time her temp was 99.1 so I gave her medicine and started taking her temp every hour. Then i check it at 1:00 am it was 99.1, 2:00 am it was 99.1, 3:00 am it was 100.1, 4:00 am it was 100.3. now you are caught up. I think she has the flu.

6:00 am- Her temp was 101.5 and time for Advil again.

7:00 am- Her temp was 102.1.

8:00 am- Her temp was 101.5.

9:00 am- Her temp was 101.8 and we go to the doctor at 12:15 pm.

10:00 am- Her temp was 100.1.

11:00 am- Her temp was 99.8.

12:00 pm- Her temp was 99.1 and we went to doctor and she does have the flu type A. Lots of rest for her, Tylonal for pain and temp, plenty of fluids and keep an eye on temp.

Thanks to you all and keep praying for her.

Mom toon

Schedule Change 10-22-19

Sorry for the inconvenience we had something come up that has caused us to change our scheduled post. Below is a summery with the following information: post being changed, why, and the date it has been rescheduled.


The post we are rescheduling is ISR. The reason is I had personal things come up that prevented me from going to the stores to get the information I need for the post. I gave more info about the personal reasons in the WB on 10-20-19. The ISR post has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 23rd.


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