Schedule Change

We have a slight schedule change for the beginning of the month and we are not going to be doing Samantha’s birthday due to technical issues and trying to get my truck working again so some things may be delayed. I am going to try to get some of them like the weekly posts ( FW, DOM and AFM ) prescheduled but my weekly blog for Saturday may be late. Next week I hope to have things back to normal and a working truck. Thank you for your time today and I hope everyone has a good day.


Here are a few new things from American Girl coming soon.

Instagram user, @Historic_ag_dolls found the doll, Truly Me #13 in the new Truly Me meet dress and jacket packaged in the new box design. These designs are set to launch in June release (next month). The new line is going to have Permapanties. The shoes are molded plastic. Like Our Generation shoes. There are new outfit for Tenney coming out in June as well it goes with her newest book and Logan will have a new outfit too. New snowboard set and they will have holiday pop up stores again this year. Also the new mini Nanea and a new truly me dress.

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Photo Shoot

Sorry we had to postpone the photo shoot it poured the rain most of the day here. I will try to get it done this week sometime not sure when yet depends on weather and time because the kids are now out of school for summer.


I wanted to say I’m sorry I told you guys I would have a Mother’s Day post but I have not been feeling well so I rested all day on Mother’s Day. From my symptoms I think I may have Narcolepsy. Thank you for being understanding.