Weekly Blog

The blog post of the week that tells what’s new in the doll world and what we have been doing all week. We also announce the winner of FW in our WB. We also will give the WYL for the month if it have been posted the if it is the last post of the month. We try hard to keep up with thing going on in the doll world without neglecting our family and friends so sometimes you may see more info about things we had not seen when preparing the WB. We do apologize if we miss something.
Please join us every Saturday for WB.

Once again no one voted for our FW so no winner . If we are not going to have people vote I may stop doing it. It takes time and planning to do the post for the FW and if I am not going to do that I can take that time and planning to do something else for everyone I was thinking of doing a different post everyday for everyone but I want your opinions should I keep FW and do you all want me to do a different post every day that is picked by the day of the week?

Not a lot has happened for us this week but have had a few disappointments but I am not going to go into that. Well I am going to be planning our family camping trip this week so I will let you all know when we are going to do that because I will not be posting while we are gone on it we do the very low tech camping and love to just enjoy family time and nature.


Ok everyone talk to you soon and thanks as always for supporting our blog.


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