WB 6-24-17 Part 2

Sorry I had to split the WB into 2 parts its just the new AG stuff has a lot of images.

Fourth : American Girl has changed there website and it looks really good. I took several screen shots for it. All the new items are exciting. The one new item I am the most excited about is the Grand Hotel and accessories for it. The second thing I am exited about is the new Truly Me accessories set. They also have all kinds of new outfits and accessories from Truly Me. Found this on AGDN New Kitten from AG arriving at COSTCO stores on 6-22-17 . It is so cute. Wellie Wishers have a new pet his name is Norman and he is a Gopher. He will be released on Thursday 6-22-17 and he reminds me of the Ground hog in the movie Ground Hogs Day. Look at the post about Nanea I saw on AGDN I am so excited. AGDN was also talking about the new look anticipation on 6-21-17 I have screen shots of that below also. I am sorry if it seems a little disorganized but from where I have had this cold I am kind of disorganized this week. LOL. Ok that is all for now talk to you next week.


P.S.- I was getting ready to post this and something else very interesting on a fellow bloggers page. A sneak peak at the new AG Truly Me Custom catalog I can’t wait for it now that I have seen this post. Here is the link http://www.dolldays.com/single-post/2017/06/23/Leaked-Truly-Me-Customization-Line-Catalogue


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