WB 6-24-17 Part 1

Weekly Blog

The blog post of the week that tells what’s new in the doll world and what we have been doing all week. We also announce the winner of FW in our WB. We also will give the WYL for the month if it have been posted the if it is the last post of the month. We try hard to keep up with thing going on in the doll world without neglecting our family and friends so sometimes you may see more info about things we had not seen when preparing the WB. We do apologize if we miss something.
Please join us every Saturday for WB.

Hi Girls and Guys. Sorry to say this week we do not have a winner of FW because we didn’t get any votes. It has been a slow week for us at home due to me having a summer cold and the weather being either so hot you can’t breath or raining and storming. Well just because the dolls and the people haven’t been doing much doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to tell you about because we do and there is a lot. I also wanted to tell everyone I am sorry the Photo Shoot never happened as was planned but life happens sometimes and I may be able to get one up for the next month. We have a few issues going on right now and we are trying to get them taken care of. I will be doing a special post this we not sure the day yet but it will be to tell a little about our family. I also may be getting a new phone this week so hopefully the pictures will look better when I get that. We are currently working on a few new things for the BLOG and I will get the info on those things closer to there completion. We also are very sorry our COM didn’t get posted. The phone we took the pictures on messed up and we lost all our step by step photos.

First: Two of our favorite Youtuber and Bloggers have some new crafts. The blogs are http://myfroggystuff.blogspot.com/ and http://www.americangirlideas.com/ Please go check them out.


Second: We have an event in a nearby city called Kingsport and the event is called Fun Fest. They are having two very special acts in concert they are Huey Lewis and the News and The Bare Naked Ladies. I am not going to get to go but I was so excited when I heard they would be there. Here is the website to find out the info if you are going to be near us http://funfest.net/ . Let us know if you will be in the area maybe we can try for a meet up.Reveal-Poster-Web


Third: Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race is on Saturday August 19, 2017. Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. The campfires, the laughs, the racing, the music, the sights, smells and the check off your bucket list. Fierce clashes and heart-stopping finishes are hallmarks of the most popular race in NASCAR, and if history’s any indication The Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race is guaranteed to entertain guests with yet another epic battle inside the Last Great Colosseum! Join us at America’s Night Race. See you in August. It’s Bristol Baby!
Tickets for Adults start at $69 while Kids Tickets (12 & under) are ONLY $10. I took the countdown picture at 6:36 am on 6-19-17 http://www.bristolmotorspeedway.com/tickets/bass-pro-shops-nra-night-race/?utm_medium=web&utm_source=bms&utm_campaign=DaleJrAlpha . The sadest thing aboout this race is that Dale Earnheart Jr. will be doing his last race here.

Fourth: This will be in WB post part 2.




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