WB 6-10-17

Weekly Blog


The blog post of the week that tells whats new in the doll world and what we have been doing all week. We also announce the winner of FW in our WB. We try hard to keep up with thing going on in the doll world without neglecting our family and friends so sometimes you may see more info about things we had not seen when preparing the WB. We do apologize if we miss something.

Please join us every Saturday for WB.

American Girl Doll News posted about some new AG books coming out soon. Here is the webpage for that info: http://www.americangirldollnews.com/single-post/2017/06/03/More-Books

Emmy Award-winning actress Camryn Manheim will appear in the Amazon Original “An American Girl Story: Summer Camp, Friends for Life.” She stars as the camp owner who encourages go-ers to turn off their electronics and explore what is right in front of them. Info from: http://livingadollslife.blogspot.ca/

“An American Girl Story: Summer Camo, Friends for Life” will be available on Amazon Prime Video this Friday. http://pix11.com/2017/06/07/camryn-manheim-talks-new-american-girl-movie/

Maplelea has a really cute birthday set that ii saw one of my favorite bloggers Canadiandollnotebook.com got for her dolls here is the link for it and they also have a birthday outfit for dolls and girls. http://maplelea.com/set-to-celebrate

I got a lot of new info about AG’s plans from http://www.americangirldollnews.com/ .
Things I learned are that they are going to have numbered bald dolls now and they will be available online and in stores. Another thing I learned is that all the girls that were in the American Girl Chrissa movie are graduating as the Chrissa characters. Also starting 6-8-17 and ending 6-13-17 shipping on anything from AG is $5.95 flat rate.

American Girl Ideas has a few new crafts that we are going to have to try out. The newest crafts on her site are Fidget Spinners and Cubes, Xbox One, PS4, Hot Glue Gun, Hotdogs, Oreo’s and Pancakes with Syrup. Just go to http://www.americangirlideas.com/



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