WB 5-27-07

This week no one voted for FW again so no winner again. We have had a lot of rain and storms this week so haven’t got to do our Photoshoot but I am hoping I can take the photos today or tomorrow. We do have some good news from AG this week that they posted on Facebook and I am so EXCITED about it and so is KayKay. We are going to be doing Samantha’s Birthday party late because of the weather. I am also hoping we get my truck fixed tomorrow or Sunday. I think I am going to post one Photoshoot a month instead of one a week. Also say prayers for my hubby to get one of the 3 jobs he is applying to because the company he currently works for lost there contract so he will no longer have a job on May 31, 2017. Well this is all I have for this week talk to you all next week.



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