This months craft is going to be chocolate bunnies for our dolls for Easter. We made our bunnies out of polymer clay we used Sculpty brand.



Things you need:

Polymer clay ( chocolate color )

A glass dish to bake in

Wax paper

A clean flat surface

Clay tools

Printables from American Girl Ideas ( )



  1. Print out the printables.
  2. Measure to see how big you need to make your bunnies.
  3. Condition your clay and shape the bunnies.
  4. Fold your boxes and glue them together ( do this while baking ).
  5. Bake your bunnies as directed on package.
  6. After they cool place them in boxes and your done.

There are also other Easter crafts on American Girl Ideas you can make as well.

I hope you have fun making these and enjoy.



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