This week has been fun. First, we got to meet one of our dolls. Then, we got to go to MagiQuest and CiCi’s pizza and I got to enjoy that time with KayKay. After that we had our first Fashion Wednesdays. I hope everyone voted. The FW winner was Cassey. Check in next week for the next FW. We are making things for our Easter event we are going to have for the dolls. We bought a few things this week they will be included in the FFM ( Fun Finds of the Month ) post at the end of the month. We are still doing some work on our blog and I am sorry for that but between KayKays appointments, cleaning the house and normal adult life issues it is taking me longer than planned to get everything done. Please bear with us, the journey will get better. AJ is studying Romeo and Juliet in school right now I loved doing that in high school. Last, this week we have been doing some crafting and we got the ideas from AmericanGirlIdeas.com she is an awesome crafter. I will take photos of everything we craft when we are finished. Next week we have a few cool things coming. We have the BOM ( Book of the Month ), another FW ( Fashion Wednesday ) and our weekly blog. Also we have spring break from school it started when they got out of school yesterday.





One of the newletters I get in my email had this article on it I think this is a great idea.




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